What is Storehouse?

“Thank you so much … it has certainly taken the pressure of the food bill this week…it was such a relaxed atmosphere and so so friendly…you have made 5 little children very happy and not to mention myself and my husband”  A family who attended a recent “Give Away Day”

Storehouse is a foodbank serving the most vulnerable people in our community of NE Fife.  Since 2006 we have been giving out bags of food and toiletries to individuals or families who are in crisis and are unable to provide for themselves.  They may have lost their job, had a family split up, be the victims of domestic violence, or had their benefits delayed or suspended.  In desperate times we are able to meet their immediate need for food and extend God’s kindness to them.

Although the St Andrews area appears affluent, a report ‘End Child Poverty’ published in October 14* found that when housing costs are taken into account, 24.8% of children in St Andrews are living in poverty.  This is the same as the figure for the whole of Fife.  The Below the Breadline report from June 14** detailed that food prices have increased by 43.5% in 8 years, and fuel prices have risen 37% in 3 years.  They also highlighted that 20% of parents go without food so that their kids can eat on a regular basis.

We are very keen to see an end to situations like those, but while there are people in our community going hungry we are responding by meeting their basic practical needs.  We don’t believe anyone should go to bed hungry.

Each food parcel will normally contain supplies for 2-3 days food, including items for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a few toiletries and household items, depending on what has been donated.   We can provide bags specially for people who have no access to a cooking facilities and will do our best to cater for vegetarian diets on request.

The Storehouse Drop-in is open for the collection of food parcels on: (this time is for drop-in and food collection only, for donation times please see below) 

Tuesdays 11am to 1pm.

Thursdays 11am to 1pm.


Food Donations can be dropped off: (this is a donation time only if you require food please come to our drop-in session) 

Wednesdays 8:00am to 12:30pm

Tuesdays and Thursays 2:00 to 4:00pm

Local business partners;

  • Nationwide, 151 Market Street, St Andrews.
  • Stonehouse Lettings, 73 South Street, St Andrews.


* You can view the End Child Poverty  report  by clicking here
**You can read Below the Breadline by clicking here