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Amazing Give Away Day

A huge thank you to all our donors and volunteers who made today’s Give Away Day happen.

We were able to be so generous to the 32 visitors we had over the course of the day.  These visitors represented around 65 individuals who will be fed through Storehouse this week.

This was one of our busiest Give Away Days yet and I’m sure one of our most generous.

We are so needed.  Thank you to everyone who helps us do what we do.


October Give Away Day

The next school holidays are only 4 weeks away!

That means the next Storehouse Give Away Day will be on Thursday 5th October.

We’d love you to think ‘family friendly’ for your donations over the next few weeks.  This really helps when families don’t have free school meals and have extra hungry mouths to feed.

For example: squash, hot-dogs, snacks, biscuits, pasta sauce, toilet roll … …

Thank you!

Give Away Day Success!

At today’s Give Away Day we had 28 visitors representing a total of 75 individuals (when we add all the members of the families represented).

We also gave out reading books, activity books, pens and pencils.

So we hope that all these families have children who are fed AND entertained this summer.

A huge thank you to all who donated and to our volunteers who made this happen.

Give Away Day 29th June

Our next Give Away Day will be Thursday 29th June 11am to 3pm.

We hope to help local families who might otherwise struggle over the school holidays, having to find extra meals when there are no free school meals, as well as supporting all those needing extra help with their food bills this month.

Family friendly donations especially appreciated – snacks, diluting juice, noodles etc.

Thank you!

Remember – donations can be made at both Nationwide and Morrisons in St Andrews.