Where can I get a food parcel?

Our drop in times are:

11am – 1pm, Tuesdays and Thursdays


Anyone with a referral is invited to come to a Storehouse Dropin to collect your food parcel.  Our friendly team will chat with you and help you select items you will use.

to collect your food parcel.  Our friendly team will chat with you and help you select items you will use.

If you are unable to buy sufficient food for yourself or your family, for whatever reason, one of our partner agencies can assess your situation and provide a referral.  Please contact one of our partners:

• Citizens Advice and Rights Fife (CARF) St Andrews Council offices Mon 10-12, Wed 10.30-12.30, Fri 1.30-4 or phone 0345 1400 095
• Home4good Housing advice centre, Cupar if there is any issue with housing or homelessness 01334 659390
• HomeStart North East Fife who support families with children under 5 years 01334 477548
• Families and Children Team of Social Workers based in Cupar 01383 441177
• Health Visitors for patients registered with the 3 GP practices in St Andrews Community Hospital
• Women’s Aid if there is any issue with domestic abuse 0808 802 5555
• Scottish Welfare Fund 0300 555 0265
• If you are receiving support from another professional not listed here, or the Jobcentre, please ask them to contact info@storehouseNEfife.org to arrange a referral.

Storehouse policy is only to give out food parcels with a referral from professionals and charities who are experienced in providing the additional support you need. They are in the best position to assess who is in real need of food parcels; our volunteers are not in a position to make that decision. We have a responsibility to the people who donate to make sure the help is going to the people most in need.

Please don’t feel embarrassed about needing the foodbank. Any one of us can fall on hard times at some point, you don’t need to feel ashamed about needing help at the moment. Lots and lots of people in our community care about your situation and donate a little bit to help you out, and our volunteers are a really friendly bunch! Feel free to bring someone along for moral support if it helps.  A lot of the food we give out is tinned, which is heavy.  We have plenty of carrier bags, but you might find it helpful to bring a backpack to help you carry things home.  We look forward to meeting you.